Following the GFC, increased regulatory emphasis has been on greater transparency and control of the banks process and systems, specifically across resolution and recovery planning - referred to as Dodd-Frank Planning and Living Will compliance.

Conventionally bank IT systems have been constructed along business lines, with resources being shared across business units.  The new regulatory environment requires that regulators be able to take control of a failing entity before working capital funds are exhausted, and if need be, close down selected business units or break-up the institution.

Recovery and Resolution Planning requires that the existing systems and processes be precisely described. Additionally, R&R Planning requires that all IT resources be organised by legal entity rather than by business line. This requires existing IT systems to be substantially reconfigured and re-implemented.  If addressed manually, both of these regulatory demands will require considerable resources involving a significant amount of time and enormous effort.

The HELIXsystem Process Assembler (HSPA) can automate much of this task.  The HSPA is able to capture and describe all human-to-machine, machine-to-machine, (or point to point) and messaging middleware interactions with a precision and clarity that will satisfy even the most demanding regulator –  and it will automatically maintain and update this description as the implementation changes.

Once the systems processing logic has been captured, with a single-click download, the HSPA will generate a PDF containing a both a narrative of the existing implementation as well as a set of BPMN2 diagrams that precisely and unambiguously describe how the processing logic executes.   This output is available on-demand, and updates automatically every time a a system change is introduced.

The HSPA automates the generation of the initial set of Living Will, R&R Planning documents and automatically maintains these documents to ensure sustained continuous compliance.

Message Capture Methods - Diagram