The HELIXsystem Process Assembler (HSPA) both continuously monitors the production environment and harmonises time stamp data across all messaging events.

This enables the production environment to be continuously monitored for system performance - and that performance can be displayed via a single view dashboard.

Processes running smoothly and performing within SLA requirements are displayed in green, those processes approaching user defined threshold limits are displayed in amber and processes that have stopped before completing or have breached a user defined threshold are displayed in red.

Amber and red processes may be quickly investigated via intuitive click through “Details” buttons. Each click-through enables the process under examination to be viewed in progressively finer detail until the application, message event and the actual message causing the outage may be identified.

This enables system stoppages and bottlenecks to be identified and resolved with levels of efficiency and precision unobtainable using any alternative approach.

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